Financial Aid for Graduate Students Through Assistantship

While finding financial aid for college is easy, ranging from government-sponsored plans to student loans, finding one to fund your graduate studies is a different thing. Although financial aid for graduate students is not as prolific as what is available for undergraduates, there are still options that may help you attain that much-needed funding.

Teaching assistantship – Many graduate students receive financial aid by becoming student teachers or assistant teachers in universities. They earn a small salary and sometimes even have some or all of their tuition waived in exchange for rendering scholarly duties. Teaching undergraduates the knowledge you have learned is very fulfilling, but it takes a lot of your time, between 15 to 20 hours of work each week. Is teaching a class too overwhelming for you? Teaching assistants can also conduct small discussion classes, grade papers and exams on behalf of the professor, counsel students, teach a section of an introductory course, and supervise lab groups.

Research assistantship – Graduate students can also opt for research assistantship, wherein they help faculty members with research. These research assistants (RA) are usually awarded by a specific department are paid for from research grant money that a professor obtained from the federal government or a private organization. Research assistantships are generally offered in sciences and social sciences departments, where RAs work under the supervision of a faculty member, whether it is assisting with lab research or fieldwork. There are also research assistantship programs in humanities, although not as frequent, where RAs perform research duties in libraries, assemble bibliographies, or check citations for a professor.

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