Student Credit Cards

Heavy college expenses can take a toll on every student. However, with a widespread availability of student credit cards, college students can have the opportunity to get rid of the financial burden with offers such as 0% on certain purchases and bonus rewards for those who pursue post-graduate education.

Financial advisers even say students should start applying for a credit card as soon as possible to build a good credit record early on. Having a good credit record while in college can get students approved of their car loans or mortgages later in life. Here are some credit cards that give beneficial rewards to college students. Remember to do a comparative study on various credit cards and read through the terms and conditions before deciding on what you think would yield the highest rewards.

Capital One Standard Platinum for Students – This credit card is recommended to students with limited credit history who are trying to establish a credit foundation. It has an online account service, as well as provisions for no annual or balance transfer fees.

Citi Driver’s Edge Card for College Students – College students can earn rebates on any car purchase, whether brand new or used. It also helps in building a good credit history and provides perks such as the absence of annual and balance transfer fees. This card also comes with a free online account management service.

Capital One No Hassle CashSM Rewards for Students – This cash rewards card is helpful even for students who have credit problems in the past. It has no limit on cash back and the rewards do not expire as long as you have an account.

Source: College Financial Aid Guide
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